At Good Measure Pharmacy with work with local agencies including The Memory Service – who prescribe medication to slow down Dementia. We will then visit the patient and their families to work out the most suitable way to provide medication.

There are various ways we can do this including Medication Administration Charts (MAR Charts), Monitored Dosage Systems, the Pivotel Automatic Dispenser or a combination of all three. We also work with families to monitor compliance i.e. we visit the patients and ensure the tablets are being taken.

The Pivotel is an Automatic tablet dispenser which provides the patient with an audible bleep when it is time to take the medication. It also prevents the patient from taking medication at the wrong time. These systems are provided by social Services and Good Measure Pharmacy fill the cassette on a weekly basis.

Dementia Information and Support Services

This page on our website provides useful information for people with dementia and their carers ,this includes links to The Alzheimer’s Society website which contains a wealth of professional information and also information about Alzheimer’s society local services.

People with dementia and their families/ carers need a greater degree of understanding and care to enable them to live well in the community.

It is vital that they have the knowledge about the illness to enable them to understand the affects to give them very best chance of coping.

To help avoid social isolation and to know where to get one to one support we know how important it is for people to be aware of their local services

Good measure Pharmacy understand the difficulties our customers experience and we want to help people be able to access as much useful information as possible .

We want to do as much as we can to help and we have joined Rotherham Dementia Action Alliance(RDAA) .

The alliance is working to create a Dementia Friendly Rotherham  – engaging with as many organisations and businesses as possible to cascade knowledge about how to become dementia friendly .

What the Alliance said about Good Measure Pharmacy

“ Good Measure Pharmacy have created a customer care service which could be invaluable for a person with dementia, their  pharmacy dispenser have gained knowledge about dementia and are all Dementia Friends showing commitment to helping people maintain a good health status  which is very important .

Good Measure Pharmacy are working in  partnership with the alliance who can encourage Gp’s and the RDGH and other appropriate organisation’s know about the services they provide .

The pharmacy dispenser turning conversations and observations into actions by alerting relevant people whenever the need arises – going the  extra mile.

RDAA thanks Good Measure Pharmacy for joining the alliance and for promoting good care of people with dementia”