good-measure-pharmacyGood Measure Pharmacy has its origins 50 years ago when the current owner, Andrew Watson, was born into a family of pharmacists.

Andrew qualified as a Pharmacist in 1988 and became a director of the family business in 1996. At that time most of the community pharmacies were owner occupied business.

Over the past 30 years Andrew has watched the vast majority of these shops move into the hands of the multinational companies. This has eroded the core value of pharmacy whereby the patient is the centre of the business.

In 2013 Andrew founded Good Measure Pharmacy with the intention of putting the patient back as the number one priority. We look to treat each patient as an individual and as such individually tailor their Pharmaceutical needs.

The first stage in this was that the Pharmacy did not employ a delivery driver. The medication is delivered by either a pharmacist or trained pharmacy dispenser. In this way we can answer any queries a patient has with regard to their medication.

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This could be a simple thing in terms of the particular brand of drug a patient prefers. Not being governed by a head office we have the flexibility to supply patients with their particular favourite brand for example many patients prefer a Ventolin Inhaler to a generic salbutamol.

We also work very closely with social services and private care agencies to keep patients independent in their own home for as long as possible. This may could involve a number of things:

  • Liaising with GP’s and altering a patient’s drug dose regimen to coincide with carers visits.
  • Providing a monitored dosage solution.
  • Filling automatic dispensing devices (Pivotell)
  • Weekly delivery of drugs
  • Timed delivery to coincide with carers visits
  • liaising with GP’s to minimise side effects
  • Helping patients titrate dosage of drugs

Obviously meeting these needs requires a large amount of staff time so we have an appropriate staffing level to ensure all patients receive sufficient care.

We also manage our patients repeat medication. We telephone the patient monthly to determine which items they need and which they have adequate stocks of; we order the prescription from the patient’s medical practice; we collect prescription; dispense it and deliver it to the patient.

The advent of the Electronic Prescription Service has made this process easier and we now receive 50% of our prescriptions electronically. This figure will grow and grow as all the Medical Practices become EPS compliant.

Using the Royal Mail we are able to offer this service Nationwide. To sign up please fill in the sign up sheet and fax or email it back to us. We can then take over the dispensing of your prescription. Wherever possible all orders will be shipped by first class post the same day. Remember to tell us of any special requirements you have. You will have access to the pharmacist and pharmacy staff to answer any concerns you may have.