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Our pharmacy team handles all the hassle of managing your repeat prescription. No more trips to the surgery, no more running out of tablets. We dispense NHS and private prescriptions. We will contact you monthly to find out what you need to order, offering free help and advice for all medication.

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Here at Good Measure Pharmacy we manage all aspects of patient medication. Ordering, Dispensing and Delivering. Where necessary we will provide the medication in a monitored dosage system (Nomad). We also monitor patients compliance and avoid unnecessary hospital admissions.

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Meet the Good Measure Team …

Andrew Watson BSc (hons) MRPharmS
Andrew Watson BSc (hons) MRPharmSPharmacist

Good Measure Pharmacy has its origins 50 years ago when the current owner, Andrew Watson, was born into a family of pharmacists.

Andrew qualified as a Pharmacist in 1988 and became a director of the family business in 1996. At that time most of the community pharmacies were owner occupied business.

Over the past 30 years Andrew has watched the vast majority of these shops move into the hands of the multinational companies. This has eroded the core value of pharmacy whereby the patient is the centre of the business.

In 2013 Andrew founded Good Measure Pharmacy with the intention of putting the patient back as the number one priority. We look to treat each patient as an individual and as such individually tailor their Pharmaceutical needs.

Sue Watson
Sue WatsonCompany Secretary
Joe Watson
Joe WatsonTech Guy
Linda Gant
Linda GantDispensing Assistant
Linda Downing
Linda DowningDispensing Assistant
Jo Brookes
Jo BrookesDispensing Assistant
Angela Guest
Angela GuestShop Assistant

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Superintendent Pharmacist Mr Andrew Watson reg no. 2036142